Fighting Monarch

The Illuminati, CIA, and their kind are the enemies of humanity. 

It is not that they seek money or power or sex, or that they kill or rape or molest children to achieve some larger goal.  It is not that they are simply unscrupulous, Machiavellian, or lacking in conscience.  It is all these things, but it is far worse.

These subhuman degenerates destroy everything in sight—and for no reason whatsoever.  They destroy things just to destroy them, and they will smash and defile everything that is beautiful, worthwhile, or noble because they know that they will never share in our joys.

What The CIA Wants To Take From Us (Part Two)

octopus political cartoon

All over America, they break into people’s houses under cover of darkness.  People are taken from their beds, programmed, and raped.  Afterwards, the scum erase memories with techniques from the Tavistock Institute—drugs, hypnosis…

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