Time Machine 14: Diagnosing and working around slow backups

The Eclectic Light Company

In recent articles, I have described what I believe is a new bug in Catalina 10.15.3 which can make its backups exceedingly slow, to the point where most users cancel them and try something different. This article explains how you might determine if this is the cause of your Mac backing up slowly, and if it is, what you might do about it.

When to be suspicious:

  • When the backup is being made by Time Machine. There’s no reason to suspect that it might affect any other backup app.
  • Most probably when running Catalina 10.15.3. I’ve not encountered it in any other version of macOS, but can’t be sure that it doesn’t affect others.
  • It could affect any model of Mac, as there’s no reason to suspect that this is hardware-specific.
  • Backing up any source volume, provided that the volume has the hidden and locked folder .DocumentRevisions-V100 at its root…

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