Pt. 2 – Political Targets

The Duchess of Narsussex

This SHOULD BE the second to last blog about the past. I look forward to analyzing this problem in the current and ideas for the future.

This is about ALL of us. As you know, just because I’m off of twitter, doesn’t mean that these people (not just CB) have forgotten about you. They’ve been watching a long time, I suspect much longer than when I got on in late June.

As mentioned, I am not the desired Twitter user to these people, so I must be removed. You know, because it is Chris Bouzy, Meghan Markle and the Sussex Squad’s world, we are all just living in it.

Here is him making reference that I have gone “full on Trump”. This was a tweet I found that happened almost a month before I got on, so he does this to everyone. He’s such a great guy. And, look at…

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