Z Drop 3-27-18

Patriots for Truth

cicada 3301


A Clue for Seekers


On Jan 5th 2017, Cicada 3301 released their yearly puzzle.

They ominously stated ” A fludd approaches”

Weeks later, a flood of leaks like never seen before hit Washington. This was some bold prophecy.It was stunningly accurate.

cicada 1.

In 2018, Fake Q stole the line almost verbatim stating ” A flood is coming”

cicada 2.

Cicada 3301 stated in January 2017 to “Remember the Future”

cicada 3.

In January 2018, Q again steals from Cicada by saying “Future proves Past”

cicada 4.

Cicada 3301 introduced Z, who is of the earliest winners of the Cicada puzzle.

Many subscribers asked for evidence as to how we arrived at our conclusions. The same way we can expose a false flag. We weaponize our observation skills. Yes, we have some upset people, but hypnosis is a gentle sea when you are under, and a raging tidal wave as you awaken.

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