Remember that time when we were ‘Q’?

Patriots for Truth

Jesse Watters ASKS THE QUESTION: “IS Q TRUMP?” Here are are two low-information talking heads blathering about a subject about which they are clueless. Y’all remember how Q started…way before 4chan…back in the day when Cicada 3301 ran its online puzzle that year called “Q” and used AIM material for their early posts. Took off like lightening…until here we are today, with fake news media trying to figure out who and where is Q.


For those following the American Intelligence Media a few years ago, you may recall the epic take-down of Q in March 2018 after we attacked them as being a psyop that had taken over the Cicada 3301 operations. The “new” Q was misleading its followers into nonsense like : Trust Sessions. Trust Horowitz. Trust Huber….

….. We busted them and then went on to solve a higher level/dimension…

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