NSA Codewords


Please see the frequently updated list from @electrospaces.
JD, 04.08.2016


ACCORDIAN – Type 1 Cryptographic algorithm used in a number of crypto products

AGILITY – NSA internet information tool or database

AGILEVIEW – NSA internet information tool or database

AIGHANDLER – Geolocation analysis

ALPHA – SIGINT Exchange Designator for Great Britain

ALTEREGO QFD – A “Question filled Dataset”

ANCHORY – NSA software system which provides web access to textual intelligence documents

ANGRYNEIGHBOR – A family of bugs implemented as RF retro reflectors. These communicate with the use of an external radar wave generator such as CTX4000 or PHOTOANGLO. The signals are then processed by a system such as VIEWPLATE, (for the VAGRANT video signal). Known implementations: LOUDAUTO(ambient audio). DROPMIRE (printer/fax), RAGEMASTER (video), SURLYSPAWN (keyboard/mouse).





ARKSTREAM – malicious BIOS flashing program, known to be associated with DIETYBOUNCE…

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