Jon Venables, James Bulger Killer Picture Spotted AGAIN

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Bulger Killer JON Venables is one half of a pair of notorious child killers who abducted and then murdered two-year-old James Bulger back in 1993.

Jon Venables James Bulger Killer Fiance
Jon Venables pictured using a mobile phone, a questionable activity given his inability to maintain anonymity.

Jon Venables New Identity Leaked

It’s now two years on from February 2018 when the vile paedophile, now aged 37, gave a plee of guilty tohaving more than 1,000 indecent images of children on devices he owned.

Jon Venables James Bulger Killer Latest Images

Jon Venables Changing Face

Jon Venables picture has been shared online multiple times previously and he seems unable to stay away from illegal material or to keep his identity quiet. He has also tested positive for drugs on multiple occasions and costs the tax payer millions as efforts to keep his identity secret become tougher.

Jon Venables James Bulger Killer Latest Jail
This picture was allegedly taken of Jon Venables when he was detained for the 2017 offences.


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