Did the World Health Organization (WHO) drop the ball on coronavirus?

World Affairs

Trump’s latest distraction tactic is to blame the World Health Organization (WHO) and China for why the US is experiencing a terrible outbreak of the coronavirus. In my blog post back in February, I pointed out how crazy the CDC guidelines were for coronavirus testing. Also, the CDC sent out faulty kits to all the states, meaning that the US virtually had no testing until the beginning of March. Of course, the virus spread rampantly.

Let’s also not forget that the WHO’s leadership team  is full of Americans and Europeans, even though the head is an Ethiopian. The WHO also consults very closely with America’s CDC and prominent US scientists. People like Bill Gates have extraordinary influence within the WHO. In fact, the WHO-China mission was lead by an Canadian named Dr. Bruce Aylward. So, it’s a ridiculous conspiracy theory that WHO would or could withhold any information…

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