King Kong: Part 3


It had been a long tormented night for quite possibly the last of the Kongs. After Gerisian had taken the monkey back to her tribe, she was predictably met with scorn by the others. Her leader complained that it was one more mouth to feed, that it could attract predators. It was only Gerisian’s mother who was able, thinking quickly, to convince the tribe to keep the Ape. She argued that when it grew large it could protect them.

Even then however the tribe leader was unsure, but agreed for now at least to let the Ape recover in their village.

Kong had been kept in Gerisian’s family’s hut overnight, and though the Ape was made comfortable by Gerisian, the recent horrors it had been through huanted it’s dreams.

It kept dreaming that it was back in the safety of it’s cave, with it’s parents and sister, just before those…

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