The Time Travelers Bar (coming soon)


This is just an advert for a story that will be premiering at the end of this year at Christmas.

The Time Travelers Bar will be a crossover story between my three current time traveler series, Doctor Who, Professor Fang and The Circus Master.

The story will reveal that on the outside of the multiverse, in the ether beyond creation itself, there is a hotel of sorts where time travelers from all over creation can take a break, enjoy a holiday and meet up for a few drinks.

The Doctor, The Circus Master and Professor Fang will all be enjoying a nice break there when trouble hits the bar.

Now originally this story was just going to feature MY Doctor. In 2019 I started my own alternate sequel series to Classic (True) Who, which featured different 9th-13th Doctors.

My 9th-13th Doctors were based on totally different actors than those from…

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