China Unveils ‘Artificial Sun’ Six Times Hotter Than Our Real Sun

Nwo Report

China has unveiled the world’s first “artificial sun” which is capable of reaching 100 million degrees celsius – a staggering six times hotter than our own Sun.

Using nuclear fusion, scientists hope that the “artificial sun” will help bring us one step closer to creating “unlimited clean energy.” reports: The actual name of China’s artificial sun is HL-2M, which doesn’t make it sound all that special. The reactor is located in Leshan, Sichuan province, where it was built to research fusion technology by the China National Nuclear Corporation and the Southwestern Institute of Physics. In reality, its become so much more and is potentially the future of the world’s energy.

How does it work?

This is essentially a giant nuclear fusion device, which basically forces atoms together, which releases heat, which can then be harvested for energy. While the device is being referred to as an artificial sun, it can…

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